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Cape Cod Gutter Repairs Services

Cape Cod Gutter Repairs

Cape code Gutter Repair Services include Maintenance and repairs of your gutter system will ensure a longer life and better functionality. Common Gutter repairs include:

Cape Cod Gutter Repair Services

  • Downspouts:


    Downspouts are critical to keeping water away from your foundation. They should be installed and graded to move water away from your house or building. 

  • Sealing:


    The corners, end caps and outlets of your gutter system should be periodically resealed every five to ten years. Look for signs of leaks, which include watermarks on your foundation and damage to wood (green spots, mold growth).

  • Flashing:


    Flashing should be installed under the roof and behind the gutters to prevent leaking behind the gutter, which can cause water to pool at the foundation.

  • Leak Gutter Repair:


    If your gutters are leaking due to corrosion or holes, we can extend the life of your gutters by patching the leaking areas. Gutters more commonly leak at the point of connection, which for seamless gutters is only at the corners. Any such leaks can be repaired by re-sealing, patching or reinstalling corner pieces.

  • Ice Damming:


    Ice can cause damage to gutter systems over time. Its weight can cause gutters to detach from the fascia, or cause damage to the pitch/slope and drainage.

  • Fascia Repairs and Replacement:


    Fascia, which is the wood behind the gutters from which they hang, can become water damaged (often due to other issues with gutter installation) or rotted over time. We specialize in repairing and replacing damaged fascia.

Morecraft Seamless Gutters is experienced in diagnosing and repairing any issues that arise with your existing gutter system. For a comprehensive look at maintaining and repairing your gutters, our latest blog post, “The Ultimate Guide to Gutter Repair: Tips and Tricks for Homeowners,” offers valuable insights and advice.

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Downspouts channel water away from your home. The process involves attaching them to the gutters and directing them to a drain or splash block.

Brackets support the gutters and attach them to the roof. Different types require specific installation methods, so consult the instructions or seek professional help.

These mesh screens prevent debris from entering gutters, reducing cleaning frequency. Choose a type compatible with your existing gutters and follow the installation instructions carefully.